Dreams of Dragonflies

Game Chef 2015 Finalist

A game for anyone! The concept was designed for use by non-literate individuals with developmental disabilities or children. Because of this, the instructions are visual in nature. Subtext was included to allow for facilitation on the part of someone helping. It also includes mod rules for families and for groups of adults without developmental delays. The intent is that anyone can play and enjoy this game, regardless of who they are.

Competition Version (pdf)

Nearly identical in rules to the refined version, but less clean artwork. The original had to be created from start to finish in 9 days. Offered here for those interested in seeing the version that was entered into the competition.

  • PDF

  • Refined Version (pdf)

    Minor changes based on feedback. Most of the changes made have been to include cover art and to refine the artwork of the game. Since this is such a highly visual game, it felt important to improve on the artwork. Currently unavailable.

  • PDF